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Skin Types Recommended Products

Do you have sensitive skin, sensitive skin is very common it can be from the environment, stress, sun exposure, cold weather, or it can be inherited or genetically predisposed. Sensitive skin is characterized by redness, irritation, broken capillaries, it can be reactive to certain ingredients. Soothing and calming ingredients help to reduce redness. 

 Ultra Gentle Soothing 24 hour Nutricream calming redness, soothing, regenerating, anti-reddening, moisturizing, provides for a more even complexion, Nutricream 24 hour cream 

Rosa Graf Couperose Moisturizer  for Sensitive, irritated and broken capillaries. The Couperose Cream is an intensive 24 hour moisturizer to calm ans soothe redness and irriations to the skin

Cleansing Milk  Micellar cleansing milk purifying and oxygenating with  soft micellar solution specifically designed to cleanse skin deeply and gently. It delicately removes make-up from face and eyes maintaining the appropriate level of hydration and combating the drying action of hard water. It leaves the skin soft and fresh.

Micellar Cleansing water  Micellar cleansing purifying and oxygenating with hydramoist.  A water-based cleanser designed to remove makeup and impurities from face, eyes and lips delicately and easily, with no need to rinse. It does not leave oily traces and does not dry the skin.


Anti-age skincare products to help protect the skin against the elements and reverse the signs of aging.

Recommended Products

Rosa Graf Perfect Boost Hyaluronic Cream An exclusive combination of three types of hyaluronic  complex with skin-smoothing peptides, makes the new Perfect Boost Hyaluronic Cream highly effective 24h care. Hyaluronc boosts moisture in the skin cells, a natural moisturizer plumping up the skin cells for a smooth and youthful complexion.  A revolutionary cream with new anti-aging care, skin-smoothing hyaluronic triple complex.

Rosa Graf Baobab Cream is highly effective as day or night care, it has a unique combination of Baobab Fruit Extract, Q10, hyaluronic acid a natural moisturizer which helps to plump up the skin and, rich in Vitamin C which helps to produce collagen in the skin, for a healthy glowing skin

Naturmed Vitalift Cream  helps to prevent skin aging by stimulating collagen and elastin with anti-age peptides and Vitamin C which helps to increase collagen


Acne oily and Combination skincare  Recommend products

 Deep Cleansing Gel, Paraben Free

 Pore Perfecting Serum corrector reduces even the most difficult imperfections, making the skin matt, with a micro-exfoliating action. The skin is brighter and more uniform. Helps to reduce both the appearance of dilated pores due to excessive sebum production and pores blocked with impurities and excess dead skin cells

Diego Dalla Palma Normalizing Day Cream - anti-shine and rebalancing for acne prone skin A fresh and non-greasy gel cream with a marked astringent and purifying action. Rebalances sebum production and contrasts typical blemishes of mixed and impure skins: shine, blackheads, patchy complexion, imperfection

Diego Dalla Palma 24 hour matifying anti-age cream specific cosmetics and special matt-effect and non-oily, but also moisturizing and anti-ageing, textures are needed.