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Swiss Med Skincare

Swiss Med Skincare

Swiss Med Bio Lift Cells anti-aging cream with powerful anti-oxidants, stimulates new collagen and boosts cell energy 

Main Ingredients:

  • Tripeptides and Argireline, reduces the depth and length of wrinkles                           
  • Hyaluronic acid boosts moisture in the skin                                   
  • Vitamin C, anti-oxidant, boosts collagen     


  • Swiss Med Bio-Lift Cells Cream

    Swiss Med Bio-Lift Cells Cream

    This all in one 24 hour cream multi action cream reverses, repairs and prevents skin aging by improving its elasticity, collagen, renewal, regeneration, moisture and tone. It has an immediate visible anti wrinkle action due to its high content of Argireline Hexapeptide-8 that relaxes superficial facial muscles to smooth out fine lines and decreases depth of wrinkles. With its light velvety, texture it is suitable for ALL SKINS TYPES from the most dry, mature, sensitive skins.

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    CAD$88.00 (US$64.78)
  • Swiss Med Bio-Lift Concentrate

    Swiss Med Bio-Lift Concentrate

    Facial serum with peptides to help decrease wrinkles, wrinkle depth

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    CAD$98.00 (US$72.14)