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Whitelight Skincare

Whitelight Skincare RVB Whitelight Skincare Products


  • RVB Whitelight Spot Roll-on

    RVB Whitelight Spot Roll-on

    RVB whitelight Rollon

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    CAD$70.00 (US$51.53)
  • Whitelight Brightening Cream 75 ml

    Whitelight Brightening Cream 75 ml

    Prevents, diminishes and corrects dark spots, wrinkles and dry skin, for even melanin distribution. Through it's special brightening effect, this product improves light reflection on the skin's surface to provide an instant glow and even tone.

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    CAD$80.00 (US$58.89)
  • Whitelight Brightening White Essence

    Whitelight Brightening White Essence

    Whitening serum lightens and brightens the skin.

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    CAD$100.00 (US$73.62)
  • Whitelight Serum Lotion

    Whitelight Serum Lotion

    Tones and refreshes the face, restores radiance.Enhanced with Hyaluronic, quenches thirsty skin. Counteracts dull tone caused by stress and aging. Brings back a youthful glow and luminous skin.

    Directions: Use the toner daily after cleansing to freshen the skin . 

    Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic complex moisturizing, boosts moisture levels.

    Size: 125 m

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    CAD$46.00 (US$33.86)