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Facial Serums Anti-aging

Facial Serums Anti-aging

Gernetic Cells Life and anti-aging serum, specially targets fine lines and wrinkles.  Contains Hyaluronic a natural moisture booster for the skin.  Improves collagen and increases elastin in the skin. 

Lines and wrinkles appear to fade and lose their depth, the tissue becomes firmer. Acts as a restructuring agent of collagen and elastin tissue.


  • Gernetic Cells Life

    Gernetic Cells Life

    Facial Serum Cells Life

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    CAD$173.00 (US$127.35)
  • Gernetic Flower Acid Serum

    Gernetic Flower Acid Serum

    Flower Serum, anti-aging serum

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    CAD$55.80 (US$41.08)
  • Gernetic Repairer Concentrate

    Gernetic Repairer Concentrate

    Facial Serum, repairing serum
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    CAD$108.00 (US$79.50)