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Facial Creams Serums

Facial Creams Serums

Gernetic Synchro is the most important cream of the range. It is the source of all the research and the heart of Gernetic International philosophy.

Rebalances skin functions, whatever their type, oily or dry skins.

It regenerates the skin cells and maintains the skin healthy. Fights against inflammation and repairs the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, especially for those needing regeneration, dehydration, aging, dull skin,skin blemishes and scars.


  • Gernetic Cells Life Revitalizing Serum

    Gernetic Cells Life Revitalizing Serum

    Cells Life Revitalizing serum

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    CAD$173.00 (US$127.35)
  • Gernetic Concentrate Repairer

    Gernetic Concentrate Repairer

    Concentrate Repairer

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    CAD$108.00 (US$79.50)
  • Gernetic Regenerating Nuclea Cream

    Gernetic Regenerating Nuclea Cream

    Regenerating cream

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    CAD$108.00 (US$79.50)
  • Gernetic Synchro Regulating Cream

    Gernetic Synchro Regulating Cream

    Synchro Regulating Cream, anti-age skincare
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    CAD$105.00 (US$77.30)
  • Gernetic Vasco Sensitive Skincare

    Gernetic Vasco Sensitive Skincare

    Sentisitve Facial Skincare, for irritated and sensitive skin

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    CAD$91.80 (US$67.58)